Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rainbow Lake Fish and Turtle Release

Fourteen turtles were fostered over in the zoo during the work on Rainbow Lake, and there was a ceremonial release back into the lake today. Here they are awaiting the return to their habitat.
There was a great turtle race, lining them all up on the far side of the sidewalk to see who could make the lake first. The largest turtle was raring to go and made it in before I could get a photo, but here's one of the later ones finding his way back into the water.

And another, making his escape from a life of captivity.
Volunteer Kim Hill springs a handful of snail from their confinement.

And finally, with many thanks due to them, a group of the hardworking zoo staff who captured, nurtured, and returned thousands of fish and other wildlife, keeping Rainbow Lake as natural a waterway as a concrete wading pool can aspire to be. Park users are in their debt for preventing the wholesale fish suffocation that happened last time the lake had to be drained.

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