Friday, August 28, 2009

Construction in Overton Park

I'd heard rumors of building in the city's maintenance area of Overton Park, though I hadn't been able to see anything when I drove up in there. Then this week a big plywood construction address sign appeared on Poplar just west of East Parkway, right in the deep part of the Old Forest, and the address said "281 East Parkway." After sending several emails to various people, Cindy Buchanan (director of Park Services) got back to me to say that the ADA (apparently we have a city government office in charge of disability compliance) is building an office building in the maintenance area on an old parking lot.

No trees have been harmed so far, but the construction plan has the sewer line running right through the Old Forest and out to Poplar. Cindy was unaware that they would be doing any work outside the maintenance area fence and has written to ask the supervisor to look into alternate routes for the sewer line that don't involve bulldozing a swathe of Old Forest. Watch this space for updates.

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