Saturday, August 29, 2009

Construction update

Cindy Buchanan, director of Park Services, got in touch with General Services, which is the division building the new structure in the maintenance section of Overton Park. The building is within the maintenance area fence, but they had planned to run the sewer line out toward Poplar Ave. along an MLGW right-of-way through the Old Forest. Cindy talked to their administrator Larry Jenkins, however, and he agreed to keep the sewer line within the compound (tie it back into the existing sewer lines there) instead of encroaching out into the rest of the park. Many thanks to Cindy for standing up for the park and keeping city government from viewing it as their annexation area for government buildings and projects.

The Park Commission used to do this kind of bird-dogging of projects within parks, and our parks are less protected without them. The current mayor's race and change of administration seems like the perfect time to push for the restoration of an independent Park Commission. Please consider lobbying the candidate of your choice for more protection of our public parks.

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