Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fairgrounds envisioned as mostly park/green space

There's a new plan for the Fairgrounds on the table, championed by Robert Lipscomb, the CA reports today. Unlike the Henry Turley plan, which has more emphasis on retail and a big box store or two, this newer plan has much more green space and athletic fields. There is also some smaller retail, complementing what's available in Cooper Young and other neighboring areas, and some housing, but the focus is much more on family-centered outdoor activities.

With the momentum Shelby Farms has out east, it would be marvelous to see an expansion of green space and play areas for Midtown. The Fairgrounds is also tied to Overton Park by the Parkway system. Wouldn't it be great to have them linked by a foot and bike path again, as they were in the early days of the city? My grandmother used to rent a horse at the Fairgrounds and ride up the median of East Parkway and into the bridle paths in the Old Forest. We need this kind of connectivity again, and a second large green space in Midtown, as a complement to Overton Park, would be a great start.

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