Thursday, July 23, 2009

Regional River Park

It's not in our regular Memphis area, which this blog usually focuses on, but I can't resist posting this article in the CA about the Tunica River Park. I was just down there on Saturday and can't say enough good things about this park -- beautiful modern art building with rockers on the porch for river viewing, a lovely promenade, nature walks through a more forested area, a fabulous museum, and riverboat rides. My nieces and nephews are in town, and we went down to have a picnic and pick up several Memphis kayakers who did the 37 mile paddle down from the Memphis harbor to Tunica on a lovely morning. The park and museum are well worth a visit on a day when you're looking for a field trip.

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  1. Those Memphis kayakers are grateful for your service, and also consider the Tunica River Park something for Memphis to emulate.