Thursday, July 30, 2009

Good News Coverage for Lake Rescue

The CA (photo above by Jim Weber) ran a great story on the Local News front page about the first day of fish rescue. That publicity brought out a few more volunteers for the second day of work yesterday, and there was a follow up paragraph this morning about the most unusual find, the Oscar. The zoo curators were quite excited about the Oscar, and he went into his own tank at the zoo immediately. He will be a permanent resident there.

Action News 5 also did a story, with anchor Nick Kenney actually standing out in the middle of the lake. They got some great footage of turtles and highlighted the hardworking volunteers that Park Friends is so grateful to.

Thanks again to all who turned out to splash around in mud and who managed to save more than 10,000 fish -- a great couple of days' worth of work! The park is better for all of you.

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  1. hey martha... kim hill here ...fellow volunteer... :-)....i went back thursday with some of the kids to see how many fish were left and was pleased to see not as many as i was afraid of. but the smell was already coming off them just think what it would have been!!..we did a great job i think,,mmmm.... my email is really had agreat time...!!!