Thursday, July 16, 2009

Big Weekend at the Shell

103.5 FM is holding their Soul Family Picnic at the Shell this Saturday from 2-9 pm. The last time they held this event, they drew 10,000 people at Audubon, so if you're heading to the park this Saturday, for soul music or otherwise, consider walking or biking if you're able. There may well be a lot of traffic in and around the park. (For comparison, the zoo drew 17,000 that Tuesday in May when traffic ground to a halt on Poplar and McLean.)

Sunday is the next of the Memphis Music Commission's free July concerts at the Shell -- every Sunday from 5-8 pm. This week's lineup is Jamie Randolph & The Darkhorse, NMB, Vincent Tharpe & Kenosis and The LightYears Jazz Quartet featuring TJ Graham.

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