Monday, June 22, 2009

Tom Lee in sad shape after Memphis in May

Joe Royer, a South Bluffs resident, sent out these photos of Tom Lee Park on Father's Day. Every year, Memphis in May blocks off Tom Lee from use for at least a month and leaves it in deplorable condition. With the greater number of people living downtown, Tom Lee is the only neighborhood park for many, as well as being one of the most visited parks by out of towners. It's a disgrace that the park is left in terrible shape for months every summer. Memphis in May takes in a huge amount of money, and they could at least clean up after themselves at the end of the month. Other cities have banned large events in their parks because the parks are too valuable to the city.

The Riverfront Development Corp., which manages downtown parks, does not have an email address listed on their website, but you can call them at 312-9190. If they hear from the public on this, it gives them more pull with the city to get something done.

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