Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Old Forest Cool

Take advantage of the Old Forest this summer. CPOP did a study last summer taking the temperature of Midtown. They compared thermometer readings at different sites, ranging from the middle of the Overton Square parking lot to the middle of the Old Forest. The difference was a full 13 degrees cooler at the heart of the Old Forest!

So come on out and celebrate living in a city where you can live in the heart of things and still walk in a forest every morning. Merlin and I are taking full advantage of this benefit of Memphis.

We're also taking full advantage of the drinking fountains scattered around the park that are such a benefit on days like today. There are fountains in the "Greek temple" between Boss Crump and Brooks, behind the golf cottage by the first tee, on down the jogging trail past the fairways and at the edge of the Old Forest, on the east side playground, and by the Rainbow Lake playground.

Come meet your neighbors, walk where it's cool, and be thankful for good Memphis water!

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