Friday, June 5, 2009


Hugh Teaford and the city engineers announced last night that the plan to build a detention basin in the Greensward by Rainbow Lake is "not only dead, but sincerely dead." Here's the certificate they presented to Park Friends:

They presented two other options, which may meld into one plan that uses elements of both. Both plans call for a berm to be constructed along the old bus lane running in front of the zoo, to protect the zoo from floodwater. Both plans also widen the choke point under Poplar Avenue where Lick Creek crosses from beside Belleair Circle into the park. This culvert is not large enough to carry flood water out of Belleair during heavy rains, and it needs to be enlarged.

Options for handling flood water through the center of Overton Park include widening the other bridges across Lick Creek or, in consultation with a golf course designer, using low places in the golf course to hold and carry the water at times of heavy rain. Ideally this would be an upgrade to the affected holes and involve water hazards or other landscaping. The city designer, who redid the Galloway Golf Course, will be reviewing plans with the engineering office over the next month.

There will be a second meeting between the engineers, Park Friends, CPOP, and affected neighborhood groups on July 16th to see how the golf course and bridge plans are developing. Watch this space for updates.

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  1. What a waste: Thousands of dollars of public money in time over the last 3 years, distrust between local gov't and citizen groups, and general negativity on the part of everyone for an issue that could have been dealt with so much more successfully with open civic engagement at the outset. Have we learned anything from this experience?