Friday, July 8, 2011

Security Alert

We've had several sightings this week of a tall, African-American man in his thirties wearing a red shirt. He's been following women alone in the park. He drifted after me on my walk Tuesday, but I was out in the public area, put on a spurt of speed, and got over into the zone with the MCA security guard, and he walked off in another direction. However, Thursday someone answering to that same description actively ran after a runner who was alone on the main running trail around the Old Forest (in the wooded section). She made it safely to the fire station, with the help of a passer by. I've heard of at least one more instance this week where someone of this description was watching/following women in the park.

Please keep your eyes open, your cell phone with you, and stay out in the public areas of the park if you are by yourself. Take a big dog with you if you can. Thursday we had 50 golfers play the course, now that it's open full time again. Hopefully this increased traffic in the park will provide security for everyone.


  1. Thanks for the alert. I ride my bike solo in the wooded area a lot and will keep an eye open. This is one aspect of the park I don't particularly like, all the seemingly creepy guys sitting in their cars or walking alone in the woods, which makes me feel a bit uncomfortable.

  2. This is really sad news as I usually take my baby on a walk every morning through the old forest. Looks like I won't being doing that until they increase security back there or find this creep.

  3. we saw him get arrested on Tuesday in the Park