Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Open for Winter!

In spite of the cold weather lately, Overton Park has been hopping. Sunday was the first of MRTC's winter cross country series, and OVER 300 people turned out to run in thirty degree temperatures. It was impressive to see them snaking all the way around the Greensward.

Other people turned out to play on the ice at Rainbow Lake (staying pretty near the edges, I was happy to see). It's not often we get to use ice skates outdoors in Memphis, so it's worth turning out in the cold to get that opportunity.
Still others came to just enjoy the glory of the winter trees against the sky and the beautiful patterns the snow made on the forest floor. Come on out and walk with us. It's worth a few wearing a few layers to be outdoors in the wide world instead of on a treadmill in a concrete block building somewhere.

Besides, the forest is the best place to walk in the winter as well as the summer -- the bare trees let in sunlight to warm you while blocking all the wind. Merlin and I have been there every day, even if I haven't written about it lately, and there is nowhere I would rather walk in the cold weather.

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