Monday, November 30, 2009

UrbanArt in Dalstrom Park

I got this from Elizabeth Alley: UrbanArt is hosting a dedication of the completion of the Dalstrom Park public art project
this Saturday, December 5, 2009 at 11am at Dalstrom Park (Shelby Drive & Weaver Road - Shelby Drive Entrance). The ceremony will take place at the Shelby Drive entrance of Dalstrom Park, at the trailhead to the right of the park. Both Mayor Wharton and Councilman Edmund Ford, Jr., will speak at the event.

Dalstrom Park's public art is a City of Memphis Percent-for-Art project and was a part of the Division of Park Services project to add amenities such as playgrounds, pavilions and picnic areas to Dalstrom Park. Local Artist Suzy Hendrix created artwork to both compliment and contrast the natural setting of the park.

For more information, contact UrbanArt's Elizabeth Alley at (901) 454-0474.

I haven't been out to Dalstrom Park, but I love that we're getting a few public art projects for our park system. Peabody Park's sculptures brighten my day every time I drive by, as does the funky spire in the roundabout on Mud Island. Memphis has been behind the curve on the percent-for-art program (Nashville has had art installations in its airport for years and years thanks to this program), but I'm pleased to see us getting on the bandwagon. Thanks to UrbanArt for all they do to beautify Memphis and combat the suburban, everywhere-is-the-same syndrome that happens all to often.

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