Thursday, October 1, 2009

Festival Day

Nuts! Over Art, the first annual family art festival, was put on jointly by Brooks, Memphis College of Art, RiverArts festival, and the Levitt Shell. Here's "Nutty", the mascot of the festival, rendered by one of the MCA professors.
There were artists demonstrating all day as well as a whole series of interactive art projects for kids. The piece below is a painting with encaustic (hot wax) by Mary Long-Postal.
The New Ballet Ensemble taught moonwalking and other dance moves to kids. The Park Friends booth had the best view of the ongoing dance lessons, and I highly enjoyed watching the professional dancers hanging out with the kids.
And in front of Brooks was a chalk art contest for kids. There was some beautiful work, but sadly the bride of the day made them wash it off before evening. I'd been hoping the walkers, joggers, and museum guests would be able to enjoy it for the rest of the weekend.
How would you not want this festive, colorful display adorning the entrance to your wedding?

WOOFSTOCK! Simultaneously on the Greensward was the dog and music festival. I never could get hold of a music line-up for them, but they had some great blues going when I walked over there.
Rescue groups were out in full force, including the local basset hound rescue group with the cutest greeters. I personally heard of a couple of adoptions, and I hope there were many more. All in all, it was a wonderful day out at the park.
Cameron Kitchin, the director of Brooks, told me someone came up to him and said, "Every day in the park should be like this!" He said that would be great, but that someone else would have to plan some of them. All of the hosts (and esp. co-chairs Lee Askew and Bunny Goldstein) worked amazingly hard on the art festival, and I'm sure there were lots of hardworking people putting on Woofstock as well. Many thanks to all of them as well as to all of you who volunteered and helped the day go beautifully.

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  1. Sorry about the psycho-bride... why can't people just relax on their wedding day?