Sunday, September 20, 2009

Park-themed Music

Elmore and I heard a fun concert at the Shell yesterday -- we went over for Farmer Jason's children's show. Jason Ringenberg (formerly of Jason and the Scorchers, which is why we were there) did a great show. He talked about the Old Forest, he talked about different animals (skunks, toads, possums -- kids learned words like "amphibian" and "marsupial"), and he sang an awesome song about old oak trees after pointing out several of his favorite trees in the park to the kids.

We talked to him afterwards, and he said he loves the Old Forest and tries to go every time he's in Memphis. I loved having a performer with such an appreciation of the park play the Shell. We got his new album "Rockin' in the Forest" for our nieces and nephews, but we previewed it ourselves later that night. It's a winner if you've got kids who love the forest, or kids you would like to involve more in loving the forest, and the songs are appealing for adults as well. I esp. like "Ode to a Toad" and "The Old Oak Tree." Check out for more information.

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